Make some advance API

Can you please just add those features in the API:
1- Adding and Removing Domain from White- and Blacklist with an API request.
2- Display the current White- and Blacklist with API.

Thanks in advance and I hope if I could do it alon but I don’t have experience with RUST which used in Pi Hole API.

We're currently working on a HTTP based API for a future Pi-hole v6.0, see

This API already includes the features you're requesting:

1 is available with POST and DELETE to the API, 2 is implemented with GET requests to the same endpoints.

The paths will be


So there is a new API in version 6.0 and what I need are already exists in the old API? Am I right?

If the old API have what I need as you say can you improve me how to make a call with every method (POST, DELETE and GET).

My server is using IP domain which is this http://.../admin/ so I am not sure how to make the calls without knowing if I should write something in the header request or not.

No, the current API does not allow editing the lists in a consistent way.

Yes I see because I didn't found that feature so I have to wait until the release of v6.0 and if so, when should it come out.

When it's ready. Probably some time after 5.0 which should enter testing soon.

Ok Thanks

This seems like a good place to suggest a simple feature.

When I whitelist a url, I'd like to be able to add a short note along with it.
same with blacklisting.

no need to reply.

This is already implemented forPi-hole v5.0, see

This is how my dashboard looks like (I'm already on the v5.0 code):


I admit I did not check the development branch. I was just irritated I had to whitelist an adserver because the local paper put the obituary pics on it. I wanted to remember why. Seeing your screenshot, it's exactly what I had in mind for all that space next to the domain name. Good work.

This is part of Pi-hole v5.0 (beta),

I just checked out the dev and web devel branches to satisfy my need. I don't mind waiting for the V5 release and I fully accept the risks.
This is what I ended up with and it allowed me to add a note to the whitelist entries.

Pi-hole Version vDev (development, v4.3.2-380-g782fec8) Web Interface Version vDev (devel, v4.3.2-359-g60b078b) FTL Version vDev (development, vDev-ecbeb95)

Thanks again, this software helps keep my family safe.

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Will be implemented in v5.1

Implemented with v5.1