Macvlan is not persisting and PiHole container does not startup after reboot

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Expected Behaviour:

Macvlan and pihole container should be up and running after a reboot.

Actual Behaviour:

After reboot, ifconfig does not show macvlan nor is the pihole container running. When trying to manually start it returns with the below error. Yes, I have macvlan0 created.

If I restart docker service, then it fix itself.

I have the below to run at startup but returns "cannot find device error".

However, if I run it manually after startup, no issue.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Debug Token:

How did you create the network? Compose file? Using docker command?
Do you see the network listed if you run sudo docker network ls command?

How did you create the network?
Docker command

Do you see the network listed if you run sudo docker network ls command?
I do

This doesn't look like a Pi-hole issue.

Your screenshots show some pi-vlan.service as well as a /usr/local/bin/
Note that those files are not part of Pi-hole.

It would seem you've created a service wrapper around your Pi-hole Docker container.
Your observation could be related to the startup order of services on your system, if either the network or Docker itself may not be fully up and running when your pi-vlan.service is trying to start.

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