Long-Term statistics for Pi-hole


FTL v2.9 which includes the database has been released.

In case the database is not created and FTL shows the error:

Can't create database: unable to open database file

you have to fix permissions by doing:

sudo chown pihole:pihole /etc/pihole
sudo service pihole-FTL restart

Sqlite3 error

There are daily DNS Queries “summary” would be cool if we can get the option to enable extra section of graphs that show the total DNS queries the Pihole revived


I would add:
or at least for the first two summary tiles on top make this clickable and open a querie according to the description. Example click on “DNS Queries blocked today” should open queries log filtered with blocked queries.


In the web interface, I can click status items, but get nothing,

It would be a nice addition to get some stats (especially load over time).

The “Blocked Today” et all should be clickable to get a lists.

Thanks in advance for consideration.


This may be an oversight, we don’t actually store any long term stats in this regard, so there is nothing to show :slight_smile:

What would you like to see here?


ohhh… The list of domains blocked…


Being able to add multiple graphs to the home page would be great. While all DNS requests are shown in one graph, many times, I would like to be able to have another graph illustrating DNS requests for one IP in my network.

so instead of having to look at the list of IP’s and then segregating that way, I can simply look at multiple graphs and quickly see one of my servers/workstations etc… or monitor one of my servers for investigation purposes.


You should open a new feature request for this so we do not loose it out of sight.


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This feature will officially be released with FTL v3.2