Long Term Data not showing results

good day people..

i am using pi hole for more than 6 months now and its been a great experience so far..
it's only now that i noticed that my long term data is not populating the details i needed.

can somebody please help me how to solve this?
i say my computer skills is not that good but i can follow instructions.

my setup:
Rpi Zero W
Using pihole via wlan0

my debug log: https://tricorder.pi-hole.net/3kr57rmk7e

thanks in advance..

You have disabled the long term database, so there is no long term data to retrieve. From your debug log:



OMG,, i didn't know that i have done that because i was following a tweak somewhere to make pi hole on Rpi 0 W remove a cache on a daily basis.

thank you for your immediate reply sir..

Why would you want to do this?

because i'm using Rpi Zero and to make it a little fast.
anyway, thanks and i already edited..