Long regex lines break UI

Long regex lines break the new UI under 'Group Management -> Domains'. They push the drop-downs and other UI elements off to the right, but there's no scroll bar that appears at the bottom to be able to scroll right, making modification of the domain regex in question impossible.


Short term fix: Go to web admin GUI > Settings > AOI/Web Interface > Web interface settings > Interface appearance : deselect "Used boxed layout..."

This will open up the screen window.

Long term fix: this fix branch will be incorporated into V5. You can get the branch now for testing by checking out this web branch.

@grdnwsl that regex looks impressive/serious. Any chance you'd copy it into a reply for other folks to take a look at it?

This has been merged and is now part of the regular beta.

Here you go:


Drop it in debuggex.com for a good visual representation of the match paths.