Long delay for a video to start on youtube


first of all, I really like Pi-hole and it works fine but somehow youtube is making problems. I think it's the IPv6 part that's problematic because when I remove the IPv6 address in my dns settings the video loads normally but then I get the ads that run on IPv6. With the IPv6 address set up, there's a long delay of 5-10 seconds until the video starts.

Any ideas why this is?
Appreciate any help!

Many ad companies deliver ads through ipv6 so keep it enabled to block ads over ipv6.
I suggest you to use OpenDNS as the upstream DNS server, because most people say that you will see less ads(?).
Also YouTube has been known to cache ads. So clean your browser cache after configuring upstream DNS.
You can use uBlock extension to block these ads. Hope that it helps.

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I set OpenDNS in the Pi-Hole settings, the ipv6 address in my windows settings and also cleared the cache of my browser but it still loads long and displays ipv6 ads.

YouTube is delivering ads from their own domain, so if you blacklisted that address, the whole YouTube will be blocked. Using an adblock extension like uBlock is the best option.
Also see


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The thing is that I've already blacklisted those links. I tried a video on Opera and Internet Explorer but I still have that problem. It seems to have problems with ipv6 so maybe I have some faulty configuration on this part but I don't know enough about pi-hole to check that.

Using µBlock seems to work but I prefer to use only one of them. I mean, what did I set up pi-hole for if I could just use µBlock :slight_smile:

Yeah, I also use uBlock. But the thing is after switching to OpenDNS I see very few ads. And I don't think that it's the problem with ipv6 :slight_smile:
Anyways I love the pihole project and the community!

Does anyone else have suggestions regarding my problem? The last resort would be to use pi-hole and µBlock together :pensive:

The two posts @Anudeep linked to are where we are doing most of our investigating--still a work in progress.

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