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hello, just a question, I activated ipv4 + ipv6, I entered only the ipv4 address of the dns server and the ipv6 went automatically, is it normal?

To have pi hole on smartphones, tvs, etc. I have to disable the dhcp server from the ISP router and activate the dhcp server from pi hole?


There’s an option to uncheck IPv6 during install, but it’s on by default.

There are several ways to configure your device(s) to use Pi-hole–the most powerful of which is configuring your router to tell clients what DNS server to use (Pi-hole).


So if I understand correctly the best method is to put the dns on the router?

For ipv6 I put ipv6 but I only informed the ipv4 servers, how they were added to pi hole automatically ?

I do not think I missed an installation step but he did not give me my password, how can I check the entire installation? So I reset the password


The best method is the one which in your situation gives you per-client stats.

You don’t need IPv6 upstream servers to enable IPv6 blocking.


So if I can not change my dns the best method is to do it on my clients and not to use the ft in server by dhcp, and if not the best method is to modify the dns on the router if you can is that ?

Yes I was able to activate the ipv6 I checked the installation and I only added the ipv4 servers but I do not know how they added alone?

So does that mean that if I put the ipv4 servers and I activate the ipv6 even without having the ip it will work to block ipv6?


What are you asking here? If you can’t edit the router’s DNS then try the Pi-hole DHCP.



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