Local dns record per group


I have a router with guest wifi support (Fritzbox). The actual setting is that the router informs local network clients to use pihole DNS via DHCP. In addition, the dns server for the router itself is also configured to the same pihole.

As guests cannot access the local network or pihole directly (forbidden by router), the router configures itself as DNS server and forwards DNS queries to pihole.

Expected Behaviour:

I want to configure a local DNS record for my dyndns server that only applies to the local network clients (as they can access the server directly). Guest clients have to use the internet ip therefore the local DNS record shall not be applied to queries by the router.

From my point of view, I'd like to configure a group with all network clients and add such a rule only for those clients.

Actual Behaviour:

I don't know how to solve this setting issue. Is there any other way to configure pihole to point to a local ip address only for certain computers?

There was a feature request for this: Apply Local DNS Records by group

Greets, Manoki

As far as I know there is no way so far. The only option I see is to setup a second Pi-hole instance and use this with the guest clients without having the DNS record set.

I added a comment to the mentioned feature request. Imho every rule (blacklist, whitelist, adlist, local dns records) and function (like disable for 10 seconds) should be configurable per group.