Local DNS is slow

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Expected Behaviour:

DNS queries to my local lan should be as fast as external queries

Actual Behaviour:

In /etc/hosts, I have an entry that looks like: foo.mydomain.net foo

if I execute a “ping foo” from any machine on my network, the first ping (or ssh, or anything) takes several seconds to return. The pings themselves report 1-2ms.

But, “ping google.com” returns almost at once

Debug Token:


Try enabling conditional forwarding. I suspect pihole is querying the wan dns server instead/before your hosts file. It could also be that you have a bad cable or some interference slowing things down locally.

From OP’s debug log, conditional forwarding is enabled.

What is the output of a dig for one of the local domains listed in your hosts file? And then run the same command with time before it.

Thanks! I suspect it’s something to do with Proxy on my firewall/router (which is a Sonicwall TZ400). I tried enabling that earlier tonight and things got VERY flaky on my internal network. The DNS for my router has a choice to either point to my ISP’s DNS or to the PiHole. I’m not sure where to point it…… I have the proxy turned off now (back to “normal”) and want to wait a few hours (tomorrow morning) for caches to clear and then will try DIG and send you the results


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