Local DNS – Enable/Disable records similar to White/Black lists

I'm enjoying the Local DNS feature, and find that it works really nicely for me in my LAN. Thank you to everyone involved in making that feature happen :+1:

One enhancement I think would be great, is the ability to Enable & Disable individual records using a UI that is similar to the toggle and table column used on the Whitelist and Blacklist admin pages.


My use case is that I have a remote development server that is live on the internet, and it would be very convenient to have all devices in my LAN conditionally use that IP address when I need to test something, but then keep it toggled off most of the time.

Tangentially related, it would be equally awesome to add multiple domains to a single IP address. In my case, there are about 10 domains I could point to the same development server IP address. I think other feature requests covered this (for me) under the guise of using regex to match domains, but simple comma separation would also be cool. :sweat_smile:

You can do this now:

Or, from the command line, edit the file and put multiple names on the IP line:

cat /etc/pihole/custom.list chicken dog pig toaster
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Sorry! I meant per-record, in relation to my enable/disable suggestion, which would allow all 10 to be toggled with a single switch. I should have been more clear!