Local device access with ipv6 only (no ipv4) ( wireguard , unbound and pihole)

Ive followed the pihole documentation to configure wireguard and unbound, but I have noticed that i cant access the pihole interface with my phone via the ipv4 address, it works only with the ipv6 address.
I have added the access-control: allow to unbound as Blockhead mentionned. It helped me fix the issue that he was talking about but i still have the ipv4 local device access issue.

You can check to see if the pihole is listening for port 80 on ipv4 but using the command in a pihole terminal:

sudo ss -4tpln

You should see lighttpd listening on for ipv4.

If that looks right then make sure the firewall is not blocking port 80 ( if you have a firewall on the running on the pi ).

it seems that pihole isnt blocking ipv4 addresses since i can ping them from my raspberry.
I'm suspecting a potential issue with my iphone, maybe ios is blocking ipv4 ips when im using the 4g.
i'll try to use another device (pc probably) to see if i still have this issue. i'll post my feedback when its done.

unbound has nothing to do with Pi-hole's web server, currently lighttpd.

Pi-hole is not blocking any IP addresses - it only ever blocks domains.

Please share the exact URL you are using to access Pi-hole's UI, along with any error messages.