List IP V4 and V6 address in Web interface

Let me start by saying thank you to the DEVs working on this project.

Based on my experience and comments in the various forums, Pihole on the RPI is a very common first project for many novice users.

It would be nice if the Pihole Web Admin page listed the IPV4 / V6 address somewhere on the top ribbon and or on the Settings -> System Page to help folks see the IPV6 address they need to add to their routers. Currently I get that Info using hostname -I in the CLI window or ip addr show | grep inet6

I am hoping this is an easy fix and can be incorporated in the next update.

Thanks in Advance for your consideration.

IPv6 addresses can be quite plentiful, and they could even be expected to change regularly. Showing all of them may be overwhelmingly confusing and could potentially take a lot of screen real estate. It may not even help in picking an IPv6 address that's actually suitable for Pi-hole's operation.

(On a side note, I find it beneficial to configure the router to not offer an IPv6 DNS address at all (provided it supports it), since IPv4 allows Pi-hole to associate hostnames more reliably.)

Disabling IP6 may be an option but given the ISP / Modem Router and PIHOLE all support IP6 I would like to enable it.

All we need to do is display the current IPV4 / IPV6 address somewhere on the GUI.

Today one needs to capture it when they complete the install or run a CLI to get the info.


Not a promise it will happen, but the Pi-hole team are discussing how to select a meaningful selection of IPv6 addresses for the configured interface to display on the System Information page.

Stay tuned for updates.

(And on my side note: I did not suggest to disable IPv6. IPv6 will remain fully operational for all your clients deciding to use it - they just will have to talk to Pi-hole via IPv4 exclusively.)

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Guess I missed understood you about the IPV6. Thanks


for an implementation proposal.

Some screenshots:

And an altogether new page which lists all interfaces, expanding interfaces by default which are connected to a default gateway (IPv4 and/or IPv6):