List dead? (

The issue I am facing:
When upgrading gravity, I get this (the others are ok):

[i] Target:
[✗] Status: Not found
[✗] List download failed: no cached list available

Indeed, the link is dead.

Details about my system:
Latest Pi-Hole components running in a VM on a Synology server (not really relevant here, I assume)

What I have changed since installing Pi-hole:

See List dead? ( · Issue #4155 · pi-hole/pi-hole · GitHub

And how can we help you?

Please accept my sincere apologies if my "issue" here is misplaced or does not make sense to you. I just wanted to let you/other developers know that there might be an issue with that source (not with Pi-Hole, as I mentioned initially). So I do not expect help here, but rather wanted to make this note. If it is only a temporarily dead link, it does not matter. Well, maybe it does not even matter if it remains dead, as Pi-Hole does not care and continues functioning. I vaguely remember a discussion about other sources not working for a longer time, and if I remember correctly, it was then decided to remove them from Pi-Hole. Again, if my post here is of no concern, please forgive me to have unnecessarily taken time (I mean this earnestly). :blush:

It's not a list that is part of Pi-hole's default configuration. You would have had to add it yourself at some point.

Oh my bad - yes, you are right, of course. Sorry! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: