Let router resolve some names?

I have been a very happy pi-hole user for some years now (pihole+unbound in docker), but I am in the process of moving off my rpi4 onto a Mini-PC (running Proxmox).

With that I wanted to redesign my network and have set up different VLANs for different usecases. = Trusted = Homelab = IOT
... = Guest Network

I am also using duckdns for local https encryption. On my pi I used this config in


with being the IP of the pi that is hosting all my services. This works well and means I don't need to hardcode every new service I want to use (e.g. myservice.mysubdomain.duckdns.org).

Now moving to the new setup with proxmox I will have one IP per service.

Is there any way I can forward requests to myservice.subdomain.duckdns.org to the router to resolve
myservice.lan? Preferably in a manner that I don't need to touch the config for every single service but can use something like a wildcard?


I think the VLANs confused me. I can continue using my current setup since I only need to hardcode the IP of my forward proxy who will then do the... well forwarding.