Knock-knock-knock support for non-power-users

I have installed pihole at my parents - very much non-power-users. Has anyone found a way to auto-whitelist "knock knock" attempts for a device without having to go to the GUI? Like X attempts and it's unblocked for 30-minutes?

Plan B is I will just whitelist everything for the specific devices in question. Which is far from ideal.

This would perfectly render Pi-hole useless. Often devices try very very hard to resolve a domain in case it's blocked and will try again and again. If you auto-whitelist those devices you disable Pi-hole for them.


Setup a VPN to your parents place and whitelist the specific domain for them if they need to access it.

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Yes, I don't think there are any great answers here. An answer would at least expand this for a wider user-base...

Plan C: Have them turn-off Wifi and let iOS take them there.
Plan D: Expose a "Disable Internet Safety" Button via homekit they can click..

Add a bookmark they can open in case they want to disable Pi-hole for 5 minutes


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