Is this adds blocking test site realistic?

It's got a pretty interface and it's rather satisfying to see the globe filling up!


its working with my setup, you can test this on a browser without blocking plugins.
and you can add the red domains in your pihole, so you can see they are blocked

Yes, it seems to be working well for me, but some URLs resist being blocked:

Aren't reported as blocked, and if I try to add them to blocked domains pihole says that they are already in the list.

Thanks for the reply. Jim

Domains, not URLs. Pi-hole works at the domain level.

To answer your question - in my opinion that site has very little value. If you don't see ads in your daily browsing, your blocking is adequate.

Test sites such as this arbitrarily include domains they think should be blocked, but you may never visit any of those domains during your regular internet usage.

Go to sites known to be riddled with ads and if you don't see ads at those sites you are set. Examples off the top of my head:

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Thanks 'jfb'.

Seems common sense - but it was quite comforting to see so many sites blocked and 93% displayed! I guess that it may be described as 'software theatre'!

(So there is a use for the D.M. - as an adds testing site!)


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