Is there a directory of gravity-blocked sites so we know what everything is?

The issue I am facing:
After the recent update, Pihole seems to be blocking so many more sites than before, which keeps me from getting to legitimate sites.

Details about my system:
Nothing relevant. Note that my upstream is OpenDNS.

What I have changed since installing Pi-hole:
I have had to start whitelisting blocked sites one at a time to get to pages I want to visit or to get my apps to function again.

I would love a directory that helps me understand what each site is so I can make an intelligent decision about whether to whitelist it. Thanks.

The Query Log on the Admin interface?

This is likely due to CNAME blocking. Discussed here - as noted, you have the option to disable this feature:

Sorry, I mean a definition of each? For example, if I see how do I look that up to understand what it is for?

Thanks. I’ll check that out.

I take the easy route and just search for it:

There are a bunch of web safety sites out there, don't use them myself.

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Thanks. I will give it a try. It’s almost starting to seem like I should have read the instructions.