Is it possible to block ads without blocking the ad service?

Expected Behaviour:

_I want to block ads without blocking the ad service (if it's even possible)

And if it's, how am i suppose to use correctly the * (asterisk) on adding new ads?

With a domain blocker (i.e. Pi-hole) if you block an ad serving domain, you block all content from that domain.

Can you provide an example of what you specifically want to do?***

my friend said that he wanted to do this. maybe we are just dumb.

These are three URLs with no context. Do you want to block parts of these?

No you cant block entire URL's or other URI scheme's with Pi-hole alone.
You can only block the domain name part contained in the URI.
A browser will only ask Pi-hole to resolve the domain name, like for example, and Pi-hole will reply with an IP or an error.
If the domain queried for is on the blocklists, Pi-hole will default reply with
The browser will try connect with the returned IP (not the name) and relays all data in the URL to the connected web server like for example the path to a document eg. /pcs/index.php .
Below docs hold valuable info and links for allot of your questions:

The idea was to block individual ads.
It's was to put the * in the end of the url to get all the ads, without worrying about the hash.
My friend is in doubt. He thinks Pi-Hole blocks the ad services.