IPv6 stuff - is this normal?

This is when looking at the dashboard.

I have some blacklists set up and all is going along nicely.

But then I see this:

Screenshot from 2020-09-09 08-24-15

(I saw the reference to another thread, but it was closed and wasn't helpful.)

That is a lot of IPv6 traffic. And considering all my stuff is IPv4......
Is this normal to see?
(though: what is normal?)

Yes, it can be normal. Some of your devices requested specifically an AAAA DNS record (which can be send and received over IPv4 and IPv6), not knowing that they might be unable to connect to the (IPv6) address returned in the AAAA record.

For my IPv4 only network i get ~20% of AAAA requests.

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To the best of my knowledge I have IPv6 disabled on all devices - including the router/modem.

It is entirely expected. The IPv6 Internet has a lot of benefits and, accordingly, the Internet standards mandate to prefer IPv6 over IPv4 is both are available. When you clients don't have IPv6 connectivity, they shouldn't ask for IPv6 records. However, the vast majority of clients is not intelligent enough so they always ask for both.

I find this unusual. Are your queries dominated by internal names or by special applications which do A-only requests? On the normal "browsing", I'd almost always expect a 1:1 share between A and AAAA.

It's the chromecasts pushing teh AAAA up. Without I'm around 6%.