Ip address discrepancy with pi-hole docker image


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Expected Behaviour:

After exec into the pi-hole container with bash and running “pi-hole -r” command, when assigning my ip address during the one of the steps in the configuration setup, the expected behavior I guess would be that pi-hole would have the same ip as the ip of my raspberry pi that I manually setup up as a static ip addess

Actual Behaviour:

The docker ip is the address that is shown when I run the debug.log from the web interface. It says it doesn’t match the ip that is in setupVars.conf. I suspect this is a docker-related issue since the ip is a docker container ip. I had expected that the .sh script would have exposed or done whatever needed to tie the docker container into the raspberry pi networking-wise. The container runs fine, but there is no ad blocking when I come to the website to test. Searched through the discourse page and found a few things… Said that I needed to enable DCHP on the router again, but on the network, I would like to keep static ips for all of my devices, because I often ssh into them from this computer.

Debug Token:




The container isn’t designed to support reinstall/reconfigure at the moment. The intent is to have full functionality without the installer dialog pop ups. I.E. you should be able to configure everything either in the initial docker run through -e env vars or through the web interface.


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