IP Address Change Fail!


I am running pi-hole on a virtual machine with Ubuntu 18.04 Server as the OS and using the latest released version of Pi-Hole V4. I changed the host machine address which worked as expected, but I could not get the pihole to change addresses. I tried pihole -r and attempted to repair it but that didn’t work. I then edited setupVars.conf and locals.list and rebooted but that did not work either. Finally I ran pihole -r and reconfigured which caused me to lose all my settings so I had to re-enter them. Is there an easy, non-destructive way to do something as simple as changing an IP address? I looked through the topics and there were none that I could find reflecting the Pihole V4. May I suggest adding a new command line option or instructions so that others won’t have to rebuild their configuration for a simple situation like this please?




pihole -r's Reconfigure option allows you to do this, which it seems you found. Changing the IP in /etc/pihole/setupVars.conf and running pihole -g may also work, but is not recommended and may not change everything that needs to be changed.


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