Investopedia doesn't work

Please follow the below template, it will help us to help you!

OS: Arch Linux
Browser: Both Firefox 123.0.1 or Chromium 123.0.6312.46

Expected Behaviour:

Go to following site: Working Capital: Formula, Components, and Limitations
Everything should work as expected

Actual Behaviour:

  1. Video does not start
  2. Clicking either on "Accept all" or "Reject all" on cookies popup does nothing, and the popup stays there

Debug Token:

It says Arch Linux is not officially supported and thus the debug report cannot be uploaded to you.

You'll need to follow the instructions that the Arch package produces for assistance.

For reference, @jollyok, I tried this on my supported Pi-hole and, even with Pi-hole blocking disabled and browser ad-blocking disabled I can't see any video and the buttons don't respond to clicks, so it appears to be a problem with that page. I used Safari, so perhaps if you did too then they have made assumptions in the page setup which aren't valid on this browser.

I use Firefox.

After disabling pi-hole, you need to clear the cache of the site for it to work.

I see, yes. It loads all kinds of material from all over the place. You can use Firefox's developer console to help find out where it is all coming from and whitelist the relevant domains. There's a player applet, the content and so on. See the link below for the general idea.

For any Pi-hole-specific support contact the providers of the variant you're using, or deploy the official version on a supported platform.

chrislph so you are experiencing the same problem on an officially supported platform, right?

I use a combination of Pi-hole and a browser-based ad-blocker extension. If I disable both and clear the cache and cookies for that site and load it up it works okay. If I have them both enabled (the default) then the site behaves as you originally described. I see a lot of domains in Pi-hole's Query Log, and a network view of the page loading in the developer console shows all kinds going on, so something is blocked and the page doesn't like it.

This is a standard thing you can see on some pages when using DNS and/or a browser-based ad-block extension. The link above, and the browser's developer tools, can be used to track down the important domains or content so it can be whitelisted where possible.

For the record, I got it working after whitelisting these:

āžœ pihole -w -l
Displaying whitelist:
1: (enabled, last modified Tue, 19 Mar 2024 16:56:26 +0100)
2: (enabled, last modified Tue, 19 Mar 2024 16:57:55 +0100)