Introduce Docker tag "stable" to eliminate config change every point-release

Hi all,

I would like to propose/request new tags including "stable" for the docker images.

Currently I'm using pihole/pihole:v5.8-armhf-buster as my image on my raspberry Pi, but if I'd like to incorporate the database upgrade fix, I would have to manually change the tag to v5.8.1-armhf-buster, pull and restart.

It would be awesome to eliminate needing to change the tag. It would benefit everyone if we were to have something along the lines of v5-stable-armhf-buster which would incorporate any future releases which are deemed stable, and would only be superseded by v6-stable-armhf-buster.

This would not replace the current tags, as you would still like to be able to fix to a specific issue from time to time.

Looking forward to your replies :slight_smile:


You shouldn't be using anything other than the plain v tag. pihole:v5.8. The platform and distro tags are purely for the builds.

You also should be pinning your releases to tags. Don't use latest or some other floating tag that will never be sure what actual image is being pointed to.

Adding in a stable tag doesn't promise or prove the image really is stable. It could have bugs just as easily as any other tag.

You truly do need to manually change tags. This is a DNS server and your network won't function without one. You need to read the release notes before upgrading, you need to be present when updating to address any potential issues that come up.

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Thanks for setting me straight, consider it off the table