Internet dropping intermittently


Continuing on from Asus AC68

I have been away for a few weeks and turned off my PiHole while I was away. I turned on my PiHole when I came back and all seemed to work fine…until…over the past few days,… there have been problems of dropping connections and the wireless printer not working. I turned off the PiHole and all seemed to work well for a while…and then, lo and behold, the problems started up again. On looking at my router - where DHCP was now enabled (as opposed to the DHCP on the Pi) I noticed that DNS was set to…which was the original IP of the PiHole while we were setting it up (before I changed it to in accordance with the instructions for setting up the PiHole as the DHCP server). Is it possible that that DNS number should have been changed to…and not…and that this error was the source of my problem with network dropping?


That is possible.