Interesting issue with Windows 10 update/restart and PiHole

My Windows 10 desktop PC decided it needed to do some kind of an update today (as it does from time-to-time). The restart seemed to be taking forever (the spinning wheel). Out of boredom, I took a look at my PiHole console and I noticed that the machine that was trying to restart after the update had several domains blocked - they were sub-domains under so I decided to unblock them. When I did, the computer almost immediately completed the restart and came back to life.

I just thought I would pass this information along.
Here are the three sites that were blocked:

Hello @ECM56

just to enhance the awareness of Windows 10 communication. I link two documents from Microsoft about what does what do for Windows 10 Pro 1903/1909 and Windows 10 Ent. 1903/1909.

Win10 Pro. ->

Win10 Ent. ->

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Great information! Thank you!

Do we need to white list these addresses?

Only if you need specific functions of Windows 10.

On the list you have the applications or functions that will be limited if blacklisted. :wink:

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P.S. I did a little bit of work on creating this file and want to share this to the pi-hole community - Since I own a Windows 10 Ent. License the lists will reflect the list provided by Microsoft:

(File will be available for 14 Days thx to MediaFire…)