Interesting cheap Android/Android TV ARM based devices for Pi-Hole usage ?!


Dear fellow Pi-Hole addicts :slight_smile:

The following idea came up in my silly mind a while ago :

Which Android or Android TV powered, often ARM based device could we use instead of a Raspberry Pi to run some Debian based Linux distro and Pi-Hole on top of that ?!

Lately a lot of devices similar to this one are available for very low prices :

If we could flash a Linux distro we would have the following benefits :

  • Cheap device.
  • Everything stored on eMMC instead of a microSD(XC) card.
  • More or less the same power consumption like a Orange or Raspberry Pi .

I got this idea after reading the Kodi forum and a lot of people mentioning that often many Android based devices can be flashed with something like OSMC or LibreELEC :slight_smile:

What do you guys think : Good or bad idea ?!


A Raspberry-PI which is not that expenceive. You have also a bit cheaper Raspberry-PI 3 or the much Zero W.

The last two have only WiFi network.

I was thinking of a HDMI TV-stick so not totally accurate. It it runs on top then there is nothing against it.


I know you can get ARM based devices like the Pi Zero and others for very low prices but a device with eMMC storage would be a lot better than one which uses a microSD(XC) card :wink:

Basically I am looking for suggestions and/or experiences with devices other than one of the many Pi clones…