Interest in Devuan as a supported Operating System?

I've been using Devuan on RaspberryPi as my Pi-Hole host OS for a few years now. I've haven't had any issues using the regular distribution and I'm willing to take on the support role for the OS if there is any interest. If not I can still just keep setting PIHOLE_SKIP_OS_CHECK=true when I install. Thanks for your consideration.

Dan Pollack


I have been using Devuan for a few years now but am new to Pi-Hole.
Have not had any issues installing or running it in a Devuan ascii VM.

I'm sure you are aware that Devuan feeds from the Debian repositories, blacklisting those packages that need/must/will only use systemd to work properly.

For the moment, most Debian packages can be tweaked and used in Devuan with only a relatively small number of them blacklisted so if a package is in the Debian repositories, it is most probably in the Devuan repositories.

But there's no *.deb package for Debian probably because packaging is a chore.
ie: pita to be added to Pi-Hole maintenance.

That said, the installation script from the Pi-Hole web site worked wonders.
It is open for all to see so, in my opinion, quite trustworthy.



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