Installing pivpn breaks pi-hole


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Expected Behaviour:

Installing PiVPN and making relevant setting from the following link worked for vpn the last time I installed it:

Actual Behaviour:

PiVPN install broke down pihole and changed interface value in 01-pihole.conf file.
ifconfig didn’t show tun0 as one of the adapters.
pihole -a -i all - this command almost never works in attempt to trying to get tun0 to work
correcting the interface=xxxx value to ethernet adapter fixed it. however i also uninstalled pivpn

Debug Token:


pivpn config file shows DNS servers which I don’t recognize. they’re now in dnsmasq.conf file also. as shown below. is something wrong with these values?


advice need to correctly install pivpn and make it work.
it was working fine until i did an update to version3.3


Use this guide to have them both installed the proper way:


Thank you for the link. This worked.
One thing I couldn’t understand was, after I posted the log, when I checked back with ifconfig, the tun0 started showing, even though I didn’t change anything. Wondering if Pihole admins fixed something with the help of the log.
but anyways, this works and thanks for the help again.


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