Installation Fail / No Blocklists loaded, gravity tree unable to build

Hello Guys, thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Expected Behaviour:

Pi-hole installation works and blacklist has mulitple entries

Actual Behaviour:

Pulling blocklist source list into range fails

Black Lists shows (-2) no entries

Run installation twice to try again, didn't help apparently.

Sorry I am newbie in Linux, raspberry and pi-hole. I didnt finde an up to date topic that sounds similar

Thanks for your time and effort

Can you please generate a debug log with pihole -d and post the token here?

Hello yubiuser, thanks for your help and sorry for the late reply. I generated the token here:

hope that helps!
Thanks in advance!

can it be a problem, that i acess the pi by teamviewer, since i dont want to put the screen and mouse on again?


Your Pi-hole device is connected via wlan0, but configured to use eth0. Run pihole -r choose repair and change the interface (normally reconfigure would be enough to change the interface, but you experience database errors as well).

Additionally, your router advertises itself via DHCP as DNS server to clients, you might want to change that.

Hey, thanks a lot for your input.
I did both actually, first reconfigure and than repair, the DHCP I changed in the fritzbox, so that should be working now, that it forwards all traffic via Pihole.

But the error messages stay the same: here the new generated token:

or as i meant as edit, does the teamviewer messes it up?

Thanks for the support!

Looks better now, even if not fully solved :slight_smile:

Try to add an adlist via web interface

and re-run gravity

pihole -g

Mmh that seems also to fail:

And pihole -g looks still messed beginning with the blocklist, gravity tree and gravity tree timestamp:

Check if there is a gravity database at all in /etc/pihole

ls -lha /etc/pihole/

Actually i see i have two, there is a temp version listed as well:

Should I delete the temp one?

Thanks for the in detail support you give!

I would delete both, and run pihole -r again.

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