install pihole next to existing lampp-stack

Hi everyone,
I’m very interested in using pihole within my local network.
I already have a raspberry that is running:

-raspbian 9.4
-Apache/2.4.25 (Raspbian)
-mysql Ver 15.1 Distrib 10.1.23-MariaDB
-php 7.0

The raspbian is providing 2 websites and does some webcrawling. Webroot folder is /var/www/html

I’d like to install pi hole on this device;
->I will create a complete backup of the OS first
-> and I have to wait for a network switch to arrive

But I’d like to ask how you would recommend to do the installation. I’m unsure because I’ve read its installing lighttpd and I don’t want to crash my existing apache installation.

thanks for your input,

When you run servers on Linux/Pi you always have to be aware of port conflicts and version conflicts. If you have the ability to re-configure ports used or create virtual network interfaces with an additional IP address you could do that. But that is just the start of a potential long journey of trial and error.

I’ve decided to not touch my webserver-pi. Instead, I switched from libreelec to osmc (second pi) and installed pi hole there.

It’s running fine, only problem was that the installer got stuck several times.
I ran
sudo apt install php-cgi php-common php php-sqlite3
to install the missing components and re-ran the installer script.

Everything works fine -> thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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