Install didn't pick up domain name

Just a heads up. I installed the Beta 6 version over the weekend into a new Debain Proxmox LXC container like my current Pi-Hole's are located. I did a clean install and was up in running in few minutes. I imported a teleport export from one of my current pi-hole's and everything looked good. The only thing that didn't work was conditional forwarding for putting the hostname into the log from my routers DHCP server. I verified the conditional forwarding strings:


poking around in the TOML file I found that the domain entry was set to "lan", changed it to my personal domain and now hostnames are showing up in the log.

Any idea why the domain was populated with "lan"?

Could you check whether the teleporter file would reference that lan domain?

Just checked the teleport file and didn't find "lan" in any of the configuration files. I just a debug token if you want to look into this further:

Sorry for my delay in replying, unfortunately the tricorder log has already expired and was automatically deleted meanwhile.

Anyway, lan is the default value for the domain. Does your teleporter backup contain the value


in setupVars.conf ?

  • If not, a teleporter restore will cause it to fallback to the default value and this is expected.
  • If yes, I'd like to ask you to set debug.config to true and then reimport the file. Check /var/log/pihole/FTL.log for lines like setupVars.conf: ... to see why it didn't import this line so we can fix this.

Just checked the setarupvars.conf file in the teleporter backup I used, and you are right, there is no "PIHOLE_DOMAIN" entry. Thanks for the explanation that the default would be restored.