Individual device blocking

I would like to see the ability to disable specific devices from having ads blocked, while leaving all other devices having ads blocked.

The use case for me is a mobile game I want to be able to watch the ads for the premium rewards while playing but not mess with ad blocking on our streaming devices and computers. Right now, I have to disable pi-hole for all devices in order to watch the mobile ads.

Now I could whitelist the google ad domains to allow those ads to load while pi-hole is running but then it also gives ads on other apps in which I still want ads blocked.

It would be nice to either have an option under either "disable blocking" or "clients" to choose the IP/MAC of the device I want to specifically disable blocking for and set the duration either indefinitely or for a set amount of time (as currently implemented in device blocking).

See Group Management | Per-client blocking example.

Great, Thank you that works