Increased YouTube ads

Hello, I've setup piHole with a fairly default setup and set my phone DNS to point towards piHole.

I've noticed while using piHole for DNS that when watching YouTube videos on my Android phone I get a lot more ads, usually 2 ads every 5 minutes.

I am NOT looking to block YouTube ads as I know it's not possible or easy but I'd like to know if there is a solution to the increase in ads volume? It makes it tricky as I'd like the benefits of piHole but watching that many ads on my phone is very frustrating. Many thanks

I think you may need to work around the YouTube issues (see link below). You're using the default YT Android app?
Try this, perhaps? Are you logged in to your Google account?

Yes something has changed at YouTube when it comes to Ad's I am seeing some increased ads on very popular channels, at the start, every 4 to 5 minutes, and then one at the very end. Very annoying if you are watching anything that is educational. I have tested with being logged in and logged out and at multiple locations and devices.

The creepy thing is I was in Michigan last week and watch YT vid's on a roku and when I got home the first ad was for a Detroit, MI service and I am in Illinois. I never logged into my personal YT account on the roku. Google and YT creep me out.

It was coming from a something like this

But if I blocked it completely, youTube is mad and wont show me the videos.