Increase TTL

Which TTL? The TTL that comes from the upstream DNS server for any returned DNS request? Or, the TTL that Pi-Hole provides with any domain it blocks?

Note that you won't save much time in DNS lookups with a long TTL. If you dig a random domain from Google or Cloudflare, the lookup time is typically a few tens of msecs and the returned TTL is reasonably long.


dig @
... 1742 IN A
;; Query time: 18 msec
dig @
... 760 IN A
;; Query time: 30 msec

In the dnsmasq manual page, this note appears with the min TTL command:


Extend short TTL values to the time given when caching them. Note that artificially extending TTL values is in general a bad idea, do not do it unless you have a good reason, and understand what you are doing. Dnsmasq limits the value of this option to one hour, unless recompiled."