Increase "Recent Queries" to 1000 instead of 100


Dear pi-hole community.

I have not really an issue, but a suggestion here: Please increase the ammount of recent queries to 1000 (or implement an option to change the default value of 100 within the settings).

Reason: 100 queries does not even cover a single minute (!) within my network. So sometimes I have to click “All”, but since you all know: that takes quiet a while - the log of pi-hole currently shows 63130 entries beginning for one day.

Never buy a Samsung smart TV - that thing tries to phone home every second :slight_smile:if you block it’s servers. But the Raspberry Pi 3B+ does manage that DNS-traffic without issues so far.


The new web API should improve this. Will be able to page through large volumes of output quickly.


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What is the TTL of that CDN from Samsung? What kind of blocking do you use, Null/NXdomain…

This kind of flooding the server can be controlled, but not always.

You need to extent the blocking TTL beyond the two seconds Pi-hole uses.


The TTL in this case isn’t a factor They are all coming back in 0.2 to 0.3 msec.


Its a simple hosts file based block with a personalized block list “pulled into gravity”.


Many apps on the TV break if you block


If you use apps on the TV then you could whitelist that CDN.

Here a report from 2015:


We use only Netflix as an app and Netflix works fine. I’m aware that the app store does not work with that server blocked, but I won’t let Samsung gather more data than needed :smile:


A CDN is normally used to deliver just content. And tracking is done by other domains.

The best SmartTV is a TV without access to the Internet. My TV is only allowed to smell the smell of the Internet when it has to do firmware update.
Then the plug is pulled again.


That Cisco article was quiet interesting. Removed the cdn server from the HOSTS file and a few others and replaced them with the beacon servers listed in the article.

To get back to topic: @jtb Is there a time scale when this new web api will be available?


There is not. Under development, but the developers all have full time jobs and do this work on the side.


@jfb Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


I’d also like to tag onto this request–

On the “Show [10] entries” selection, please change the default from 10 to 100. 10 is quite pointless in this day and age, and it’s a pain to have to change it every time. :slight_smile:



Better to let that decission to the user and make the default number user configurable.


Agreed - 100 should be minimum. Currently (RetroPie installes) the Query covery only 4 (!) Minutes.

Also, the tick “Apply filtering on click on Type, Domain, and Clients” is extremely annoying. I copy hosts directly from the Query sometimes into my HOSTS file, that pi-hole dwnloads from my NAS as it’s only block server list source (so the list is around 6000 entries and does not slow down the Pi as much as that huge lists downloaded per default) and it very often happens, that the filter applies accidentaly.


I wrote user decides and then you say minimal 100. Why give the user not the choice what is fitting on the screen they are using!?


Both options should be implement. Set the default to 100 and make it configurable in the options.

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