In light of the `/etc/hosts` fiasco, this isn't making sense

So I edited my /etc/hosts file to reflect the machines.
I haven't done them all - which may not be good, but is what it is.

And I see all the become nuc.


But going to the network menu I see this:

Shouldn't .93 and .99 be named?

Maybe the get named when sending the first query to pihole.

P.S. Easier editing is possible in "Local DNS records" via web interface. You could also move the content of /etc/hosts to /etc/pihole/custom.list and after pihole (pihole restartdns) restart they should appear in Local DNS Records.

While that's possible in general, Local DNS Records / custom.list currently doesn't handle multi-name definitions, so TimePi ClockPi might not show up in the UI and may cause side effects when adding/deleting entries via UI.

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Thanks @Bucking_Horn. That may be a/the problem.

It isn't breaking the bank, so I won't worry too much. I may have to schedule editing it next time the machine gets a reboot.

These devices are unknown and are not active. They were added when they first showed up. At this time, no name was known so there is no name. There is no point in updating their host names frequently which is why they are not doing it.

They are plugged in and turned on and are active. So I don't understand what you mean.

The PiHole machine's hosts file has them in it - as shown.

It was rebooted and still isn't assigning the name to their IP address.

They show as having never sent a single query to your Pi-hole (last query is "Never" and number is zero) is what I meant. You will have to tell them to use the Pi-hole. Either using a fixed configuration with your as DNS server or by configuring your DHCP server such that it does not proxy but hand out the Pi-hoel directly as DNS server. Or use the Pi-hole DHCP server.

Many options :slight_smile:



Well, they won't be needing to. They are local machines with their own /etc/hosts files.

They shouldn't be talking to the outside net unless specifically told.

But if they haven't done any external comms.... I guess that makes sense.


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