Improve "Adlist group management"

Hello all,
I see in the "Adlist group management" Number of invalid domains on this list 1. WOuld be nice to see also which domain is wrong. So list all invalids domains.

Where exactly in the Adlist interface are you seeing this "invalid domains" warning? If you perform a Gravity Update and you have an invalid adlist URL, this shows as an icon against the relevant adlist. Either a red cross or an orange circle with an exclamation point. Notice of these is also written to Tools > Pi-hole diagnosis as warning messages. This makes me think you are describing something else, but I cannot see it.

I assume you are referring to this:

We list only the number of invalid domains, because if the list contains a large number the display here will scroll a long way.

If you look at the output of pihole -g you will see more details on a selection of the invalid domains.

As an example, I added a list that is not properly formatted for Pi-hole:

pihole -g
  [i] Target:
  [✓] Status: Retrieval successful
  [i] Analyzed 2513 domains, 564 domains invalid!
      Sample of invalid domains:
      - 2.0]
      - -cookie-consent.$~script
      - -cookie-law.$~script
      - .cookie-law.$script

If you look at the contents of the list, you see that it is not in hosts format.

[Adblock Plus 2.0]
! Checksum: NsJEzqJ7fqX0VcFKe1o0Xw
! Version: 202012031250
! Title: EasyList Cookie List
! Last modified: 03 Dec 2020 12:50 UTC
! Expires: 1 days (update frequency)
! Homepage:
! License:
! Please report any unblocked content or problems by email or in our forums
! Email:
! Forums:
!--------------------------General blocking rules-----------------------------!
! *** easylist:easylist_cookie/easylist_cookie_general_block.txt ***
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Ah, and also:

  • There is nothing the user can do about them; it needs the list maintainer to fix it
  • The Gravity update takes care of them anyway so there is no consequence