((Idiot new user)) Working password but can't remember associated username

Hello everyone! Completely new user here (new to PiHole and Raspberry Pi). I'm an idiot and it took a few attempts to get working, and I now can't remember the username I used. Please be gentle, I do remember a screen stating I should write down the details and I recognise it's totally my own fault that I only wrote down the passwords but not usernames. I have a working password for logging in via "192.168.x.x/admin/" web interface but when I connect via PuTTY or directly with a screen and keyboard it asks for the login and password. It's a bit chicken and egg, because if I can log in then I can reset/create accounts, but for the life of me I tried "admin", the name of the device I gave as the username etc and I'm stuck. I'd rather not totally start from scratch again since this is only prompted by an update being available but I can always chalk this down to a "learning opportunity". :smiley:

Running a RaspPi 4 8gb connected via ethernet to the network. Not sure what other details you might need.

I've not changed anything regarding the config of the RaspPi itself since getting it working (although "working" is subjective because I'm still getting youtube adverts and I'm constantly tweaking the ad/black/whitelists, but I don't think that would interfere with my own stupidity).

I think you are making a big confusion:

  • Pi-hole doesn't have a username, it only uses a password to access its web interface, but no username;

  • You use PuTTy to connect to the operating system command line.
    The operating system has a username, but this was set before you install Pi-hole.
    Try root, or your username, or pi (it depends on which Operating System you have installed).

you need to read the Pi-hole documentation. Pi-hole is not able to block youtube advertising.

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With how many times I went through the installer I'm making an assumption that the login was left as whatever default and that the password I'm able to use correctly via 192.168.x.x/admin/ goes with that login. I basically have one password that works but need the operating system username at the command prompt so I can at least reset and put right my daft mistakes.

Is there a way via the web interface I can at least find out what the username is? It displays the hostname I gave to the machine but I tried that as the login name and it didn't work either.

The username you want is part of the Operating System.

Is there a way via the web interface I can at least find out what the username is?

The web interface is only part of Pi-hole (a software installed on top of the operating system).
As I said, Pi-hole doesn't have an username. I only has a password (usually different than the Operating System password).

There is no way to use the Pi-hole web interface to do what you want.

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Curses. Looks like I might have to start from scratch then and this time make veeeery careful notes on the logins created, since by your answer it seems I don't have any login information at all to the machine-proper.

Thank you for your answer! At least it means I'm not wasting more time using a password which won't match anything. :slight_smile:

Just on the off-chance that you flashed Raspberry Pi OS - the default username and password (at least used to be, this might have changed) should be pi and raspberry respectively.

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Thanks, but just tried that and I think I must have messed about with those during install. I've done it so many times now that I honestly wasn't sure if this time it worked because I left everything as standard (apparently not) but thank you for the effort!

Try pi and raspberry.

It did, there is no default anymore – An update to Raspberry Pi OS Bullseye - Raspberry Pi

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You're looking for your pi username and password. You should have set that up when you loaded the OS onto the pi.

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