Idea for bypassing adblocker detection using PiHole

Hi PiHole community,

I've been using PiHole to block ads on my network, but I've noticed that some websites are now detecting adblockers and asking users to disable them in order to access the content. I've come up with an idea for bypassing adblocker detection that I think could be useful for other PiHole users as well.

The idea is to redirect ad requests to a non-existent IP address, hosted by PiHole. This way, the website will think that the adblocker has been disabled, and will continue to serve the page content without blocking access.

Here's a way you could implement this idea / suggestion?

Create a new PiHole blocklist containing the domains of the ad servers you want to redirect.
Configure PiHole to redirect ad requests to a non-existent IP address.
Test the setup on a few websites to ensure that it works as expected.

I believe this could be a useful feature to add to PiHole, but I'd like to hear your thoughts on it. Do you think it would work? Are there any potential drawbacks or issues that I'm overlooking?

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to hearing your feedback!

This is already possible.

Add a RegEx Blacklist entry with


But it might not trick the adblock detection...

Redirecting to a non-existent IP is the same as blocking the domain as far as the remote site is concerned. They are looking for an element that has loaded (typically through a javascript), and if it doesn't load they conclude you are running an ad-blocker.

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Spotify and others time DNS cache quirerie time until root DNS is found.
Thus for next loop of some do loop
I have tried 6 pihole in series.

Wat seems to sorter work is to have dnsmasq svr srvserver

With static hosts mapping in DNS masq. IP

Many thanks

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is it possible for the adds to be redirected to play on another device? Ive got an old desktop set up as a simple file server