I can't access my admin page

Expected Behaviour:

[I type in http://pi.hole/admin or http:///admin and be brought to the admin webpage.]

Actual Behaviour:

[I type in either of those things and it says pi.hole’s server DNS address can not be found ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED]

It is running on raspbian and I am blocking on IPv6. Network interface is wlan0. The ad-blocking works, but I can’t access the web interface on my computer or phone. Please help me! Also I am extremely new to Pi-Hole; downloaded it an hour ago! Thanks in advance

Debug Token:


Have you restarted your clients to make sure they are using the new DNS server and don’t have cached DNS queries?

In your config Pi-hole is set to use eth0, not wlan0, and you only selected IPv6. You should select both IPv4 and IPv6. You probably are not seeing pi.hole because of this.

Run pihole -r to reconfigure your Pi-hole with the correct network interface and address options.

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Didn’t work. I also restarted my pi. That also didn’t work. :frowning:

Run pihole -d for a new debug token.

my new debug code is: ipykbqoitn

Everything looks good in your debug token. There’s many clients which are using Pi-hole. What do you get when you go to http://pi.hole/admin ?

It works!! I don’t know what happened, but it works!

Thank you Mcat12. After running pihole -r, I selected Repair. I can now access the web interface!