I cannot see my Pi-Hole on my network

I bought my pi hole at pi-supply (kit with case (https://uk.pi-supply.com/products/pi-hole-kit-network-wide-ad-blocker), pre-loaded, no SD visible so maybe flash memory inside?!) a couple of month ago and everything was working fine. I moved from US -> Europe (different time zone in case that matters) and have a new router with a different IP range (192.168.1.xxx). Before the move I assigned my Pi a static IP within the old IP range. My new IP range is 192.168.178.xxx. Whatever I try my router cannot find my pi. I connected the pi via Ehternet and plugged in keyboard, mouse and HDMI cable but no connection either. I can tell that the Pi is on due to blinking leds on ethernet and the pi is getting warm.

How do I access the pi Any ideas? Thanks.

This Pi Hole Kit does come with a 16GB micro SD card, which is already inserted into the device itself. You can see this if you open up the case on the under side of the board. My initial thoughts on this is that your old static IP address is on a different subnet to your new IP range and such you cannot find your Pi Hole or talk to it. Are you able to connect it to a HDMI monitor/TV and see the Desktop?

You can use PiFinder from Adafruit. Handy utility that will find all Pi’s on your network.

Thanks for your reply, Chris. I had a look and the SD card is inserted into the device.
It is possible that the previous router had a different subnet. That is a likely scenario and would explain why it cannot be found in my network. I treid the PiFinder which was suggested by jfb but the Pi could not be found.
How exactly do I connect to the Pi via HDMI? I had the Pi plugged into my laptop using and HDMI cable but I wasnt sure how I actually can switch over to the Pi. I was searching im my windows settings for a second monitor/pc but couldn’t find anything.


thanks jfb. Good advice but using PiFinder didnt help since my Pi could not be found.

The Pi itself is a computer, you just need to connect it to a HDMI monitor or HDMI TV and then connect the power adaptor to it.

I plugged the Pi into the TV via hdmi and I get the login screen. So the software seems functional. However, I dont have a spare keyboard at hand right now so no option for me to log into the Pi. It seems I have to wait until I have a keyboard so that I can type in the password.

Once you get access to the Pi, you can change the static IP and get it on your network. Then you reconfigure Pi-Hole with pihole -r (then select reconfigure) and assign Pi-Hole to listen on the new IP address.

It should be able to do that this weekend. I’ll report back if it worked. Thanks all for your input.

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I was able to connect to the pihole again and reconfigured it using pihole -r.
Thanks for your help! This has been solved.

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