How to use block list correctly with Pihole v5

iam very new to pihole, sorry for the newbie question here, i have been trying to find a clear step by step tutorial but i could not find any that describe how to use the pihole v5 and block lists.

Here is what i understood so far to add more domain to the blacklist as a bulk:
1 - find a txt file online with some domain list (that seem easy)
2 - copy the link of the text file in Group management > Adlists > past and and click add
3 - update the datas lists in Tools > gravity update (wait until done)
4 - ? and here iam stuck, how do i add the new added domains to the blacklist ?
(i dont see anything new when i go in blacklist)

my aim is to stop the ads on youtube on my phone.

You are confusing blocklists (adlists) with blacklists.

Adlists are URLs that lead to a text file with domains to be blocked. When you subscribe to such a list (by adding the URL in Group Management > Adlists), when you update gravity Pi-hole opens the URL and retrieves all the domains, and stores them in the gravity database. Gravity is updated manually (as you noted) and weekly on Sunday morning via a cron script installed by Pi-hole.

If you want to add domains to your blacklist, the process is similar but you add the domains directly (and don't use a URL), and these are not updated weekly (they are local to your Pi-hole). This is done in Group Management > Domains. You can add a number of domains at once - copy the lot to your clipboard and paste the clipboard contents to the domain entry window, and select "Add to Blacklist"

You will have very little success. YouTube ads are served from the same domains as the content, which makes them difficult to effectively block with a domain blocker (i.e. Pi-hole). Many of the blacklist entries you will find will also block videos or other features of YouTube.

Thanks a lot for your answer JFB, it makes a lot more sens now!
A bit disappointed about the youtube ads, but hey, all the other websites seems ad free!

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