How to use `AAAA_QUERY_ANALYSIS ` flag

I was sent here from another thread I have about IPv6 addresses and me not having any IPv6 addresses.

So where is this: AAAA_QUERY_ANALYSIS in settings?

It is probably not made clear in this thread, but it is a config setting for FTL

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(I should have explained that when I joined I logged in via google - me: lazy. So my username was picked for me. It would have been better had I picked it myself as: village_idiot.)

Yes, I found that a long way down the track, but this village idiot isn't seeing a clear breakdown of the yes/no option.


So I'm guessing it needs to be no.

What also hit me a bit was when I opened said file (the .conf file) it was.... one line.

Ok, but that doesn't play nice with me.

I also get it is more work for the people who make PiHole. It isn't I am not happy, but it threw me.

If the options are yes/no and there isn't an entry..... How does that work?
Is yes the de-facto for all the lines which aren't in the .conf files?

I think/hope it is set now to what it should be to not show those in the stats.

This is what the file is to date:

sudo cat /etc/pihole/pihole-FTL.conf

That was done abut 17:00 local.

I turned the machine off there about and turned it back on on now.

Looking at the graphs, I don't think that is working.

Screenshot from 2020-09-10 19-17-39

From the docs page:

Possible settings ( the option shown first is the default ):

It's more for succinctness. These are all optional settings, so think of any entries in that files as overrides for the default behaviour of FTL

Personally I am not sure what is supposed to happen with that option set to no, as I have never used it (I barely even refer to the stats at all, myself). But I am sure somebody will have an answer!

Again: Thanks. I am new to this so (alas) I am going to make some stupid mistakes.

(Not at you). I just edited the post and show the result of editing the file and setting it to no.

I accept that if I am running an IP(4) network it is going to cause problems with programs when they are told to use IP(6).

But the fact they are showing on the graph after I (hope/think) I set it to not do that is .... confusing.

Not a big deal. It is early days and in the long run I am sure this will be resolved. Just until then any information extracted from the graphs is skewed because of this also included.

We, all of us, have to start somewhere!

I get that. No problems. It is just interesting all the stuff I am seeing.


Sorry, I'm not seeing one.

I am the first someone to read this, it seems:

but it should be

Y vs. I and A vs. Y

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Weird how we can't see our own mistakes sometimes.

No worries. But remember this only skips showing/ computing statistics for them. It does not make it block them. For this you'd need the type-selective regex as mentioned above, I think this will only be in the next version of Pi-hole. Just to highlight this because the title of this topic seems to suggest something else.

Per the documentation:

Should FTL only analyze A and AAAA queries?

If yes, then only these types of queries are analyzed. If no, then all queries (not just A and AAAA, but also including PTR, TXT, ANY, SRV, etc) will be analyzed and shown in the dashboard.

To note:

Both AAAA_QUERY_ANALYSIS=yes|no and ANALYZE_ONLY_A_AND_AAAA=false|true don't affect the DNS resolution at all - all requests will be processed. It is purely about the analyzation for displaying of certain query types at the dashboard.

So some options want yes/no and others want true/false..

It doesn't matter. They always accept both. Sometimes they use or the other. depending on the context (it's a language thing, I guess).

Ok. Just wanting to be sure.

There aren't many things worse than a theory based on an untruth.

@Coro is right. And you are invited to play around with things. When you check out /var/log/pihole-FTL.log, you will always see the interpretation of your settings. Here you can see if FTL accepted your settings (it may reject some, e.g. invalid values such as a negative interval for MAXDBDAYS).

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