How to update the Pi-Hole when it is running as a docker?

I have Pi-Hole version 4.3.1 and now that 4.3.2 it out, I would like to update it.
How to run the upgrade process?

Wait until the new image is created with the updates and then pull that image. 4.3.2 just has bug fixes though for things like Buster so I don't see 4.3.2 being all that useful with the docker image.

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Got it, but how excatly I should perform the update once the new img will be available?

With standard docker see GitHub - pi-hole/docker-pi-hole: Pi-hole in a docker container but that may not apply to Synology based docker installs.

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Well, I need something that will apply for Synology based docker installes :slight_smile:

Im pretty sure it would work like this writeup for Unifi on synology.

Just scroll down to Downloading the latest version and Updating the container. As long as you have stuff mapped properly it should not delete any settings. But I would export backups first.