How to understand the loginformation in console


I am new to pi-hole; new to looking at the kind of information it provides in the logs and console.
I have searched this site to find out whether the question has been asked and answered before, but have not found that to be the case. Probably because I am asking for something too obvious?

Still, here goes:

How do I interpret the lines in the log in the console?
If I see this:

Time Type Domain Client Status Action
2018-01-02 17:00:28 IPv4 osmc OK (cached)

should I understand that at 17:00:28, on 2018-01-02, some process on my computer named "osmc" tried to reach a site named, that this was deemed by pi-hole to be "OK" to do so (because site not on any block list), and that the attempt was "saved" (cached) somewhere?

Or did the site try to reach my computer named osmc?

So sorry if this has been asked before somewhere; please tell me where to look.
Also very sorry if this is a silly question; I'd like to learn anyway.

Thank you.
Please understand that English is not my first language.

There is a FAQ article that covers exactly this.

Feel free to ask if you still have additional questions after going through this article.

Great thanks. I had actually found (and read!) this article, but hadn't recognized that it was about the same logs. I will reread the article.

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