How to temporarily disable blocking by Pihole for certain devices

Backstory: My girlfriend gets increasingly annoyed, when websites she is visiting are broken or content embedden in emails is not loaded properly as a result to pihole blocking rules. In this cases she asks me to unblock those pages or turn off pihole blocking completely for a couple of minutes.
Due to the fact that she has a wide variety of websites she visits and therefore a constantly changing unblocking demand, it would be nice, if she is capable of doing it herself. I don't want to be her IT helpdesk all the time.

In general: known and previously specified users should be able to switch blocking of their owned devices on and off.

Approach 1: give her a killswitch/admin-rights to switch off the complete network blocking for a specific time.
Negative side effect: complete blocking is disabled, even for my devices

Approach 2: put her devices in an unblocked group permanently.
Negative side effect: she wouldn't benefit from the positive aspects of pihole blocking at all.

Approach 3 (my favourite one): an option, where she can disable blocking for all her devices (group based) or just for specific devices for a limited period of time. This could be achieved by a previously prepared link (like a killswitch) or by an additional menu on the Pi-hole admin page. Protected by a user-specific password users would have the possibility to decide whether their devices should be Pi-hole blocked or not. Users must hereby be able to move her devices temporarily into an unblocked group without accessing the "real admin panel".

I am aware that this is probably a feature request and will need a lot of work to implement. Are there any other possible solutions to this problem that I currently oversee? This topic is also discussed in this thread: Allow temporarily disabling Pi-Hole by device
Nevertheless I can not adapt the suggested solution to my specific scenario.


I resolved this exact issue by changing adlists. It could be worth checking out other lists to see if they work better for the browsing habits of your network. Not every network is the same, and more blocked domains isn't necessarily better! (the same way more wifi is almost never better :smile: )

Good practice would be to start with the least-restrictive and move up to more-restrictive until you find the sweet spot.

From a network engineering standpoint, the easiest way to switch blocking off and on for individual devices is to change the DNS server on those devices. But I think changing your adlist is a closer solution to what you are looking for.

You can do this and install on her computer a browser-based blocker such as uBlock Origin. This should resolve her problem. She won't use Pi-hole, but will have ad blocking on the browser(s) she uses.

You could also try jfb's suggested combination of a browser extension like uBO plus Pi-hole with active blocking and see how far that would get you.

Sites may fail to display correctly when some script tries to access domains that would be blocked by Pi-hole. Now, when uBO would block the script also, then accessing the domain would not occur at all, and the page may render correctly.

This certainly wouldn't be true for all sites, but may already help for some.

Thank you for your replies. I think I just will reduce the amount of adlists for her devices and slowly try to find the right balance. UBlock is probably not an option, because she uses several devices and blocking should work in with all.