How to setup DNS going upstream?


So my question is if I have a linux box running (Amahi laid over Fedora 23) that is being used as a DHCP and DNS server (Capable of setting custom upstream DNS) for local hostname resolution and webapps. My plan is to have Apache listen on 443 for my websites since they’ll all be SSL enabled. and let pihole run on the Pi using port 80 and lighttpd

For DNS, should I point to ROUTER>AMAHI>PIHOLE OR ROUTER>PIHOLE>AMAHI? That way I get the ad-blocking power of pi-hole, but still my local dns resolutions without borking my Amahi DNS setup?

My current idea is to set the router to resolve to amahi and amahi to resolve to the pi-hole and pi-hole send upstream to OpenDNS or DNS.Watch


It works best to set the DNS server in the LAN/DHCP options, rather than having your WAN use the router because clients will pick it up automatically and you’ll be able to see which queries come from which clients.


So should if I set the Pi to LAN DNS . Would I set the Linux box to WAN DNS? So that the clients can reach the local host names defined there?

The Linux box will be the DNS/DHCP server. How would you set it up ideally?


If you want the advantage of stats and loggings from Pi-Hole,
have your clients set to resolve via Pi-Hole IP address,
have Pi-Hole resolve via your AMAHI box and
make your AMAHI box resolve upstream to for example OpenDNS or GoogleDNS or the IP of your modem.
This chaining makes sure all involved DNS servers are able to answer queries and if they dont know, they will ask upstream.


Thanks everyone I’ll try it out