How to set pihole as DNS on Arris TG1682G router (Comcast)?



Apparently the beginning and ending address of the DHCP cannot be the same. :frowning:

Make them one apart.


What happens with this "emtpy slot"? If I say, set the router to .56 and .57, the pi is on .56 and sends to .58 to .250 or whatever.

.57 would be this "empty slot". I don't know networking at all, does this mean it could hook up one of my devices to .57, and thus completely miss the DHCP work that the pi is doing?

Yes, this would be the case.

You may be able to assign a reserved DHCP lease to that address using a Mac address that doesn't exist on your network.


How do I check if any of this is working?

When I go into my network overview, it shows 3 devices, but it isn't seeing my laptop or phone connected via wifi.

You will need to reboot the router, then renew the DHCP lease on all the connected clients.

How do I renew the DHCP lease?

Depends on the client. Windows from the command prompt ipconfig /renew

MacOS from the Mac terminal sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

iPhone put in airplane mode for 10 seconds, then back to WiFi.

Android you'd have to Google it, I don't have those platforms.

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It looks like everything is working. All 5 of my devices are showing up in the gui as protected. For awhile there I completely lost internet, and what I did have after was behavior very odd. However, seems to have fixed itself.

Thanks for all the help!

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