How to force pihole to display the whole web address

This is just a question I am using pihole as a logger as well and currently if I go to it will show up in my query log as I want it to show up as I have the most verbose logging options already on. Is there a way I can do this?

There is not, in Pi-hole. Pi-hole is a DNS server, and DNS works at the domain level, not the URL level. In your example: is a complete URL.

http:// is the protocol is the domain

/namehere is the path on the domain.

Pi-hole only sees the domain in the incoming DNS query. After the browser has the IP for that domain, then the browser uses the rest of the URL to complete the connection. This transaction is invisible to Pi-hole.

so I have to log the path on the domain off the host computer

You can log it wherever it is available, you just can't log it from Pi-hole.

what could I log it with
if you have any ideas

No ideas.

Even more, most domains (including use HTTPS encryption so the path is not visible at all anywhere on your network except on the requestor and the server replying to your request.

What @N_4 is asking for is a proxy server which will look at every request and can log everything. Note that these typically slow down the internet quite notably as it is a heavy processing task to open all encrypted content, inspect it and encrypt it anew (cryptographic detail: reencryption needs to be done so that the upstream answer can be inspected as well, simply forwarding the original packet doesn't work).

Pi-hole does not see URLs. Pi-hole is only seeing DNS requests, so it can only log domain names.

You are asking to log URLs, which mostly are used in HTTP/HTTPS requests. Those requests are typically issued by a browser, and HTTPS requests would be encrypted as they are issued, i.e. you cannot see which ressources are requested.The only place where you could see those HTTPS requests in plain text is in the browser, before they are issued.

You could have a look at your browser's developer tools, and uBlock Origin also allows you to inspect HTTP(S) requests on the fly as they are issued via its logger

That log is bound to a single window and it is transient, i.e. logged requests are forgotten the moment you close the logger window.

Depending on your browser (definitely firefox, and its equivs, plus chrome), the browsing history is stored in a sqlite database (places.sqlite).

Close down your browser, and use your sqlite browser of choice (I use DB Browser for SQLite) to export the table 'moz_places' as csv (I use tsv, but whatever you prefer)

You now have the full URLs with the date/time (as epoch times) they were accessed.