How to enable dynamic DNS updates from DHCP?

I've just installed Pihole and playing around and trying to find out how to configure dynamic DNS from DHCP.

So when a client gets assigned a IP address via DHCP, then DNS will automatically be updated.
Pi-hole Version v4.3.1 Web Interface Version v4.3 FTL Version v4.3.1

I've got this running on a different Pi with isc-dhcp-server and bind, but am wondering how to get this working on PiHole. Don't see any guides on this, is it possible?

This is normal when a client gets an IP address from the DHCP server. You can enable the Pi-Hole DHCP server as discussed here:

Sorry, don't think I was clear enough.

So will DHCP update the DNS server on PiHole with the clients fqdn? Don't you have to specific the key to prevent rogue updates?

So if the clients PC name is test and domain is local, I can then ping test.local from any other device as long as its also set to use pihole dns server.

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